2014 Federal Budget – Blatantly Political? Farcically comical!

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Nearly a week has gone by and two things stand out – the blatant politics of the Budget agenda and the dodging and weaving of the Federal leadership about promises made or not made before the election.

Most voters will realise that Governments on either side of the playground will lean certain ways on spending and expect the conservative mob to favour their base of big business and higher income and higher asset owning individuals.  This Budget has set most people back on their seats with the severity (and almost a meanness) of changes affecting those not in that category.  It certainly feels like the yawning wealth gap will continue to grow and those without capital will find it harder to improve their situation in life.

Some former politicians with limelight deprivation saw opportunity by being unhelpful to both sides.

Most voters also heard assertions/promises made (or at the very least strongly suggested) which now appear in the Budget to be contradictory.   With straight faces, denials are made and an “uber shambles” is in play.  They even skewered their own State colleagues with the Health funding cutbacks.  Is it any wonder there is a cynicism of those in political power when the last four Prime Ministers (two of each colour) have made “promises” only for those promises not to be fulfilled?  Promise the world to get into power then….

Looking back, one side sets a platform for future economic stability, the next one in enjoys history’s greatest resource boom only to spend like drunken sailors to stay in power then the next lot spend to counter the GFC and get blamed by the following lot blithely overlooking most of the world is still suffering enormous effects that may take generations to rectify.

On a related topic, wouldn’t it be inspiring to watch a leader acknowledging and shouldering the burden (not continually blaming others), gathering the Australian tribe around them positively and showing genuine authenticity and leadership to move the country in a forward direction.  Wonder what that might do for consumer and business confidence with a knock on effect on employment.




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