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I took some mates to a boxing fight night at the local gym on the weekend and one of the contenders on the card in an amateur/corporate bout was a bloke named Greg.  I see him around the gym and have worked out with him a few times.  He is is in his mid to late fifties, a bit overweight but loves his boxing.  He is wily and has some real sting in his punches.  Greg was up against a younger and clearer fitter bloke (with a very fashionable bushranger beard) who was looking sharp and confident.  The physical difference between the fighters was significant.

The bout progressed and the young bloke was on his game, moving lightly around the ring, throwing out jabs and catching Greg with a few, looking at an early win.  Greg was taking shots and getting a little frustrated but perhaps waiting for his opportunity, working to a plan and evolving it as he went.

The opportunity came – a short left hook and a straight right put the young bloke on his pants, unable to continue and out of the bout.  Congratulating Greg afterward, he said the younger bloke underestimated him based on his age and look.

The business parallel:  don’t assess a situation too quickly – have a dynamic plan and adapt.

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