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There are loads of words written about change management and continuous improvement.  These concepts can work hand in hand – indeed change management could be seen as an extension or larger scale of continuous improvement.  Neither are necessarily easy and require thought and consideration and the devotion of time and resources.  Often they are neglected within the workloads and scarce time capacities of management thereby the reason why they may not occur (Climb Business can help with that!).

In a personal sense, it can relate to your personality, career, wealth management or family – a process of trying to look inwards and outwards and see where the next step might be (change management).  Post GFC considerations aside, looking North or West, no matter how crazy or unlikely a journey might seem, the more you think and feel it, the closer it comes.  Perhaps you get pushed in a direction slowly, slowly by the world and its vagaries wondering why is this happening, only to discover… look at this!

In a business sense, looking for that extra edge or efficiency (continuous improvement) and finding the best path to take (change management), can be a bit by bit proposition.  For those in your organisation, you must take them with you, they must be engaged and understand the story, otherwise the effort will be wasted without their support.  Look at the recent political examples where the sledgehammer has suddenly been taken to the walnut and the story has not been sold (delivery very poor – arrogance) and has not been understood.  Failure.

Bit by bit.

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