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For some time, Australian politics has been enjoying a vacuum of policy decision making being based on advice from expert advisors after careful consideration of policy options.  Decisions seem not to have reason and substance behind them and do not fit into an overall narrative about the direction being taken.  Further impacting these decisions has been the poor delivery in communication to the public, lacking confidence and usually seen to be “knee jerk” responses to the issue of the day.

In a business sense,  business case consideration and approval is based on the value proposed to be created, the assets to be employed and how the proposal fits within the overall strategic imperative.

A level of confidence comes from a process of rigour, even with a level of ongoing risk to mitigate, with adaptation to environmental conditions over time.

We may not like certain decisions due to our own philosophical outlook however, if they have a sound basis and are delivered with confidence and belief….

The Australian business community needs quality decision making and confidence from our political leaders.  Don’t blame others when you have made the situation worse and get on with it.



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