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The number of decisions to be made during each day can zap your mental and physical energy.  Surely, there is x number of decisions that each one of us can make before our effectiveness and/or efficiency begins to decrease.  Be disciplined about planning and routines so they become effortless and allow you to maximise your effort when needed most.  Great athletes pulling the miracle play (aka Billy Slater in State of Origin or Israel Falau in Rugby) make it seem effortless – what we do not see is the routine of practising that play (and many others) hundred’s of times at training.

Plan your outfits to wear and wash the clothes and iron those shirts for the week on Sunday, plan your meals on Sunday, chose your route and transport to work at the same time, select the gym sessions in advance and pack your bag the night before, answer emails and telephone messages for the first two hours at work, prepare and stick to the “to do” list (where possible) during the day, set up your bills to be paid automatically through internet banking whatever works for you…..take out the small stuff and make it seem effortless and routine.  You will be better prepared and more mentally agile for the bigger and unexpected issues.

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