How is that To Do List Pre-Xmas?

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Three and a half work days left to Christmas Day – how is your to do list?  Are you regretting that regular Xmas lunch with friends yesterday or today?

Are you thinking “I can do 14 hour days and still get that work done”?  Take out Xmas shopping and Xmas Parade with your partner/family, that lunch with the major client tomorrow afternoon, the staff party on Tuesday and [email protected]#%^%$……

Meeting expectations on that list or some honest communication required to reschedule time lines on delivery?

Take 20 minutes right now to realistically assess the list, it will be better to be upfront with your client now than next Wednesday Xmas Eve.  The client may be annoyed that you do not deliver on your promise but will appreciate the call earlier than later.

Christmas is an arbitrary deadline in any case, most people are back on deck in 2 weeks.

Merry Xmas.

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