I just want it done NOW but have no-one to do it for me! Arghh.

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You are running lean on the number of bodies in the office, squeezing it tight to manage the cost of resources.  Problem –  you have a range of projects or things to do which you know will help the business and you don’t even have the time to look for a solution.  Your guys are busy with their own to do lists and when you mention it at the staff meeting, your team look down and hope not to be chosen.

Alternatively, you know something is going wrong in the processes or with the people or need a project manger for the that tender you want to bid for but you cannot get the right perspective because you have a punishing load of everyday outstanding items – you do not have the free airspace to think.

The answer of course is an experienced person with flexibility to turn on and off as required – call them interim managers, contract or project resources.

You have your concerns though:

– you are not sure who you need or where to get them;

– you need a senior person to find the solution, report in then implement the plan;

– how do you ensure value for money and delivery of value through positive outcomes?;

– do they have the right skills and experience?;

– do you have to spend a lot of time briefing and backgrounding or can they hit the ground running?; and

– will there be a tangible positive bottom line ?

The right people with skills and flexibility are out there – reach out through a search on LinkedIn (or call me of course) for a no obligation chat that will take no more than one hour of your time.  You find someone and like their offering and get on with them but not sure how to use them?  Start with a small task and see the results.  Does they stand behind their offering?  Ask for a guarantee that they will continue to work to complete the scope of work to your satisfaction not theirs!

If the difficulty you have is not being sure in how to commence, just push forward NOW as indecision will compound the problems.  Pick the issues off one by one – you can only climb a mountain one step at a time.

This approach should see you with a good outcome.  Call me if I can help you with a search for a the right person on LinkedIn (no obligation or cost) or I can source someone from my collaborative team.

www.climbbusiness.com.au  Stuart 0418 882 918

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