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Like a lot of people, I have done a bit in my time, got great experience, worked with tremendous people and been very lucky with the opportunities that have presented.  While hitting a big high in winning the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games bid, it is only recently that it feels like things have really come together where the next few years will kick along professionally, but why now after 25 years of my working life?  Part of it is due to an incredible support system of an awesome wife and friends and part of it is an excellent coach building my self belief.  Frustratingly over the years, it seemed many of my peers hit their straps early and I am only now getting my second wind.  Why? Why?  As a marathoner, I know that early pace can come back to bite if you have not prepared with the necessary training but a steady rhythm seems to be my thing for running and for life.  The next phase is my time, as it is for other late bloomers, to shine.

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