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Simon King wrote in The Australian this morning (6/8/14) that the Australian Olympic Committee had put team unity at the top of its list of goals for Rio 2016.  This announcement follows the toxic culture and drug use by some swimmers at London 2012, the public argument over athlete funding for Sochi 2014 and the impacts from the behaviour of an athletics coach in Glasgow 2014.  The AOC want the athletes to have a “life best” experience and to respect the tradition and history of the Olympics.

Getting together for team camps and moving into the Games Village must be a highlight for the athletes and stimulates team bonding.  While it is no doubt a tough gig for the majority of athletes with significant training commitments, difficulties with finding employment around training and living on meagre incomes, Government funding constraints, reliance on families etc., isn’t it automatic that the team comes together as one to support and encourage each other to do their best.  It came as somewhat of a surprise for the AOC to be announcing this goal.  Isn’t it automatic? Is this not what the goal always is or should be?  Is it not inherently the role of team management and coaches?

Of course, it is not automatic because we are human and team unity needs to be prioritised and worked on.  The parallel with business is stark – the unified team is the best performing team.


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