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I have this mate, known him for years, top bloke. Former professional sportsman, charms the socks off people, hilarious, generous, great networker, loads of common sense, wide group of friends – can talk under wet cement as the old saying goes. He has built and sold businesses and still trades one and helps his wife with another. And yes he has a cracking wife and three terrific kids. By any measure, a successful and full life.

He caught a very rare disease a few years ago which has impacted his hearing, balance and mobility and disrupted his life immensely. He has just tried wheelchair basketball and am guessing he will be a gun at it in under a year. He casually emailed a few people to organise a charity walk around the city to participate in global awareness day for that disease and 100 people turned up. 100 people!!

Nothing wrong with his mind though and he inspires me with his insights, knowledge and natural curiosity. Like many others, he is looking ahead to what the possibilities might be.  I and others see opportunities for him that did not present prior to the disease.

Look at the parallel in business with the GFC and the lingering soft labour market. A dramatic event occurs and the way you work your business has to be assessed and a new path invented. Then it is doing the research, trusting your instincts, making the leap and working hard.

What a story he has to tell and can teach us.

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