Pragmatism versus Aspiration and Exploration

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“The crash of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two raises serious concerns about the commercial human spaceflight, including the imperatives of time and money that beset all who try to fly humans in space with existing technology” accordingly to Alex Roland from Duke University, a former NASA historian.

Sir Richard Branson, entrepreneur/businessman/investor/inspiration to millions, has vowed to go ahead with plans to continue the Virgin Galactic program despite the crash and the death of the test pilot.

Notwithstanding the terrible death, I come away with two thoughts.  The first is the consideration of the investment made to date – the more invested, the harder to pull the plug.  When you are talking billions of dollars phew!

The second consideration though is the more interesting – when does that pragmatism and commerciality kick in and topple the aspiration to lean forward, push the boundaries, explore and take the risk.  The latter I hope with Virgin Galactic.     [email protected]     +61 418 882 918

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