Three Weeks to Christmas and Still Plenty of Time Left!

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There is three weeks left to Christmas and as is traditional, that moment in time is seemingly coming on quick to meet client and customer demands and business Christmas parties AND to meet family duties for Christmas, organising Christmas day and the relatives and finding presents for loved ones etc..

The work environment is filled with an expectation of often self imposed deadlines thinking that business is shut down for six weeks so you must get things done to clear the to do list (or possibly clients and customers want a resolution by Christmas – tough one to juggle there).  As the Captain Jordan said to Maverick in Top Gun – “Your ego is writing cheques your body can’t cash”.  But most people do not take six weeks off, most businesses have staff on over Christmas and most people are back at work in the second week of January.  People taking holidays occur all year round.

HOWEVER, it is still three weeks, DON’T GIVE UP, December budgets are still in play and lots can be done in three weeks.  Focus needs to be retained on the realistic goals – what can you achieve and maintain the quality?  Three weeks is plenty of time.  You can get it done.  The alternative is giving up and nothing happens, imagine if you achieve that goal and go to Christmas with it under your belt.

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