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A recent article in one of my LinkedIn groups referred to Ray Kurzweil, an inventor, computer scientist, futurist and writer on on artificial intelligence, and the Director of Engineering at Google.  The very nature of his work is out of the realm of most people however he is respected by people like Bill Gates and Larry Page.  Reading his blog and researching the topic generally, a few things stand out:

– 2045 represents the point in the future when AI machines become more intelligent than human beings;

– in the near future, we will be adding a year to our life expectancy every year;

– the pace of change we have had to deal with will be magnified for our children;

– we will live to over 100 on average and probably work until we are in our mid 80’s;

– within 20 years, fossil fuels will largely be replaced by alternatives and the waste left behind by old industrial technology will be cleaned up.

The thought of working until I am 80 (in good health) is an immeasurably positive one to me.  I love what I am doing and would shrivel and die without the challenge and stimulation of work.  However, I know the thought would fill some people with dread.




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