Our Highest Priority is to Protect You.

Climb business was created to advise family business owners in financial distress.

Our Highest Priority is to Protect You.

Climb business was created to advise family business owners in financial distress.

Get the best course of customised action for your company. Set up your platform for growth.

Your individual circumstances will be considered to navigate your difficulties, be them debt, insolvency, penalty notices, liquidation, or bankruptcy.

Together, we will find a safe harbour for your assets.

Our vision

We find the best possible outcome for you first.

We want to make sure family business owners and small business directors know their options. Get visibility, confidence, and control with our clear strategic plans.

There is a way for you to go forward.

Be ready for the future of your business. 

There are always opportunities for targeted re-invigoration of a business and responses possible to fluctuating market conditions. With the right intentions, motivations, and assistance, you can achieve great things.

Respect and Integrity.

We enjoy problem solving in a friendly atmosphere. Some solutions are found in the very first hour you spend with us, during your free consultation. That might be all you need. Get fixed project fee, with clear scope of work and expected outcomes. We invest ourselves in your interests, but never run up costs.

Our History

We are business owners with turnaround expertise, we have skin in the game.

We operate three SME businesses in recruitment and retail.  We see both sides of the fence: we stand in your shoes and have the expertise of being former insolvency practitioners, CEO’s, CFO’s, Commercial Managers and Corporate Advisors.

We are Chartered Accountants, Certified Practising Accountants, and members of the Turnaround Management Association. The team at Climb Business has significant financial, commercial, and operational skills, practical experience and contacts across sectors and industries as well as experience with small and larger clients.

Climb Business

Stuart Craig: the heart of Climb Business

Stuart Craig

He will help you find the best solution for your business in distress.

Climb Business grew from Stuart Craig’s broad mix of experience in the management of commercial matters, finance, and operations. His extensive background in insolvency situations provides an understanding of how businesses work and how they “break”. 

Stuart commenced his working life as an insolvency practitioner at EY and smaller boutique professional service firms working on over 300 large and small insolvency and advisory clients for a broad range of industries. He has also performed forensic accounting, business valuations and economic loss reporting.

Stuart pursued his dream of working at Events Queensland (now Tourism and Events Queensland) for 10 years in Brisbane as a Commercial Manager, CFO and Acting CEO.

He became the Executive Director of Bid Operations of the winning Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid Company.

The key role objectives were to help lead the development and implementation of the strategic plan and to prepare a winning $1.95 billion bid for the Games. It was a great success.

“This bid is the best bid I have ever seen at an Olympic or Commonwealth Games level.” HRH Prince Imran of Malaysia – President of the Commonwealth Games Federation – July 2011

“Please accept my sincerest thanks for the significant contribution you made to the successful bid for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. You have been an outstanding Ambassador for our city and our bid.”  Anna Bligh – Premier – December 2011.

In 2012, Stuart became a business consultant at Toll Helicopters to review and diagnose issues in the commercial, financial, and operational functions of the company. That scope was expanded to include developing and implementing his business transformation program enhancing productivity, efficiency, and the bottom line at that company.

“[The project] was a great success, largely so because of [Stuart’s] effort, so well done.” David Jackson – Director of Toll Holdings and CEO of Toll Global Resources – August 2013

It launched Stuart’s expert career in directors advisory specialising in business turnaround.

Our Success Stories


“Together, we came up with plans to expand our sales channels and client base.”
Electrical Contracting Training Business
“Climb Business found the issues, informed the Board and helped implemented practical initiatives.”
Helicopters Company
“I drew great comfort from the team educating me and planning for the liquidation. I had not been ready.”
Transport Business
Transport Business
“The…project…was a great success and largely so because of your team's effort so well done.”
David Jackson
CEO of Toll Global Resources