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Forester Consulting completed a study recently with some interesting findings relating to the digital transformation business needs to be successful.

Some businesses tackled the digital enablement of their customer-facing channels in the last 3 years (during the pandemic effectively). However, the majority did not overhaul their internal systems to enhance the customer experience and maximise efficiency.

The pandemic has driven disruption to existing business environments, and owners face being left behind if they do not pivot or move reactively to the new pressures in the market. Customers demand operational excellence and adaptiveness as competition grows in more inventive and disruptive ways.

The solutions needed must quickly scale and enable collaboration while being sustainable and continually meeting customers and employees needs.  The approach must collectively address both business systems and people management.


  1. Midmarket Businesses core internal business systems are not fit for purpose in the modern digital world.

Today solutions are siloed and fail to utilise the flexibility of cloud-based delivery.  These solutions do not meet the needs of contemporary businesses and hamper productivity with poor user experience.

  1. Outdated solutions cost time, money and customers.

Ineffective business systems and people management solutions negatively impact productivity, customer experiences and profitability.  The costs can mount up to 28% extra from inefficient and/or ineffective solutions.

  1. Decision makers struggle to build the case for change.

Despite recognising the importance of investing in unified business and people management solutions, decision makers face three critical barriers to improvement:

  • A lack of leadership support;
  • Effort towards change management; and
  • A short-sighted focus on initial technology costs.
  1. Success in the post-pandemic digital era requires a modern solution.

The business systems and people management platform needs to take advantage of the current digital era.  The platform must be unified and cloud-enabled, provide end to end visibility and be accessible across the workforce. Early adopters have and will see significant advantages in productivity and cost efficiencies that have primed their business for growth.


  1. Seize the advantage of a unified approach mentioned above by understanding the cost of not being proactive and the business growth possible through productivity and collaboration.
  1. Prepare the business case highlighting the drag costs from the old ways and the tangible benefits from changing to the new world.
  1. Select the platform solution that addresses modern digital commerce demands for employees and customers.
  1. Embrace an employee-centric solution strategy for optimising productivity.
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