Case Study

E-commerce Retail

Case Study

E-commerce Retail

I needed operational solutions and a sounding board for future growth.

Blooming too fast in the digital e-markets

Business Viability assessment/ Growth and scaling issues

The Situation

The company was on a fast growth trajectory with strong sales year after year. They had no cashflow problems as payment occurred on purchase of the goods. However, issues were emerging with product profitability, the website platform, customer service, inventory management, and perpetually cramped warehouse space. This was a threat in the long run and a hindrance to forecast expansion.

Confident in the future, the Director needed to workshop tactical operative improvements for continued industry progress with an experienced auditor capable of giving practical advice.

The Solution

  • Developed clear job descriptions, channels of communications and authority in the company.
  • Defined and documented internal processes and procedures.
  • Hired experienced key staff in digital, customer service and warehousing roles.
  • Negotiated outcomes on product purchasing to gain better margins.
  • Integrated new e-Commerce platform for better customer service and internal management.

The Success

  • Staff gained clarity around their duties and responsibilities. At the same time they retained the ability and desire to pitch in to help other team members taking on flexible roles answering business constraints.
  • The hire of key staff brought specialised experience enhancing productivity.
  • Gained better margins procured for product volume commitments and early payment to suppliers.
  • Shopify platform implementation resulted in improved customer experience, better inventory management capability and boosted internal reporting capability.

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