Your family business is struggling financially?
Do not give up.

Find a way through complex challenges, open up your options.

Your family business is struggling financially?
Do not give up.

Find a way through complex challenges, open up your options.

Get a Business Viability Assessment
to find practical solutions

There are any number of reasons for a healthy business to meet financial hardship. You do not have to navigate difficulties alone.

Get a vision of your business’s future. Complete a Business Viability Assessment with us to find the practical solutions to turnaround your business and find the best outcome for you.

Obtain the tools to deal with your business’s issues

The assessment will show the business turnaround hygiene factors which need attention. You can plan for those issues; we show you how.  The sooner you implement action, the more confident you will feel in your future.

There is a better outcome for you.

Whether you are dealing with insolvency, cash flow difficulties, creditors, tax debt, director penalty notices, bankruptcy, liquidation, we are here to help you protect your assets and yourself from personal liability.

Follow the steps.
Maximise your options and minimise the risks.

Climb Business Focus on solution offers

Regain control once again.

The business viability assessment will produce practical, coherent and rationale outcomes for you to implement.

Get an Actionable Business Viability Plan.

Together we will develop a plan for you to implement straight away, without spending a fortune. Assessing business viability involves 2 or 3 hours of consultation with us. Our vast experience gives us quick and meaningful insight so you can act without delay.

A better outcome for yourself and your business.

You are a specialist in your business domain, we are experts in financial, commercial, and operational advisory, specialising in business turnaround for companies in financial distress. You can rely on us for the right tools to get you get afloat so you can keep doing what you do best.

Promptly solve your business issues with our viability assessment.

Restructure, compromise, or repair

How to dig further if the assessment reveals core issues?

Restructure, compromise, or repair, go the right path.

Given the current uncertain economic landscape in Australia, some businesses will require one or more of the following options.

A small business debt restructure, get help with the new Debt Restructuring Process (“DRP”).

A business turnaround, incorporating Safe Harbour protection and DRP process.

A structured business close-down and liquidation process.

Regain control of your small business and its future.

The outcomes of our discussions and the financial viability assessment will give you the initiatives to be implemented for success. There will be positives for you, your business, your employees, and your partners flowing out from your assessment.

Take our helping hand to gain control once again.

The business assessment costs a nominal $500 plus GST.

Receive practical, coherent and rationale outcomes to implement.