Find a way through with the Small Business Debt Restructuring Process

Find a way through with the Small Business Debt Restructuring Process

Promptly find a way forward with debt solutions

Get help applying for the Small Business Debt Restructuring Process

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2021 signals a new era, the Federal Government has introduced an alternative cost-effective method for restructuring your small business through the Debt Restructuring Process (DRP).

Together, we determine your eligibility and sort out your business financial situation for eligibility for the debt relief, draw a proposal to compromise debts and certify the plan to creditors. 

Reach an agreement with the help of our Small Business Restructuring Practitioner and manage the disbursements once the plan is approved. Solve your debt issues with our guidance.

What we can do for you

How does a Debt Restructuring help you?

The new process means that your debts are frozen at a certain date, you remain in control and can continue to trade in the ordinary course of your business and negotiate a repayment of those debts over time. Get advice to protect yourself as a director from personal liability for company debt.

It might be the solution your business needs.

Who is the DRP for?

The Small Business Debt Restructuring Process is for business owners suffering from issues often outside of their control such as the COVID pandemic, and who need a debt restructure for the sustainability of the business for the good of the stakeholders.

Take our helping hand to gain control once again.

DRP is designed to provide a pathway for distressed small businesses to restructure the debt within the business. It allows your business to continue trading for the benefit of all the stakeholders. And it might be the solution you are looking for.

Plan your Small Business Debt Restructuring with the long term in mind

Your plan will incorporate turnaround initiatives for your business to implement, consistent with seeking business sustainability and profitability.

Get the tools to turnaround your business so it can be viable in the long run

We have the executive, operational, financial and legal expertise to help you restructure your business under the DRP process.

Get further advice on Directors Penalty Notices from the Tax Office (ATO).

Get assistance in seeking tax instalment plans.

Get help with working capital finance as well as invoice finance facilities.

Save your business and make it profitable.

Contact us for support with your debt restructuring plan.

What are the next steps for you?

Act now, complete a Business Viability Assessment.

The results of the assessment and our support will reassure your stakeholders and give them the confidence needed to back the DRP plan.