When there is no other path than liquidation, keep control.

And protect your assets with our help.

When there is no other path than liquidation, keep control.

And protect your assets with our help.

Why would your small business go into
voluntary liquidation?

The economy throws significant challenges even for the most resilient and ambitious business people. You are not alone. Competition gets fierce and margins are squeezed. Clients paying your invoices too slowly crush your cash flow. Drought, floods, fires and pandemics cause irresolvable problems, even with significant Government assistance sometimes it is not possible to recover.

It is time to stop and start again.

Together, we can plan the winding down of your business in an orderly manner. Find how to pay your employees, suppliers, and other debts to the best of your ability.  Focus on protecting yourself, your personal liability and family wealth.

Find the best course of action.

Planning will maximise your chances of paying as many of your creditors as possible and minimising your personal exposure to debt.

Get the assistance you need to assess your prospects 
and plan accordingly.

We specialise in helping directors of small businesses in financial distress and have your best interests at heart. 

We are not Liquidators

We act for you, the director of your family business, while liquidators act for the company.

What can we do when a business is liquidated?

We escort you through the process to minimise your stress and prepare you for each event.  Get trustworthy commercial help at your fingertips. Find the benefits of liquidating a business through your dedicated expert small business advisor.

We guide you to a safer place.

We have successfully completed this style of work and encourage you to make contact and talk to us in an obligation free 1h consultancy.  We have the executive, operational, financial and legal expertise to help you.

Climb Business can assist you.
Don’t delay in seeking the help you need.