What is Important to You?

The release of the Australian Unity Wellness Index has revealed that the secret to our wellbeing is

a sense of purpose, strong personal relationships and financial control.

Intuitively, these factors will resonate and make sense at various times in our lives. We might have

had purpose, strong relationships and financial control working for/or against us all at once – or

individually at varying times. These factors can be, and ideally should be, balanced. However,

that’s not the way the cookie crumbles…Just remember, when one or more aspects is out, the

other factors will be there to support you.

At times you will find you do not have a sense of purpose, financial control or strong relationships

and that’s okay. It’s at these times that certain factors will be come key – for example the need for

strong personal relationships when your finances feel like they are spiraling out of control and so


I resonate with “sense of purpose”, for me it sustains hope. What feels familiar for you?

The business parallel of this matrix is obvious and I hope it gets those cogs turning for a fresh New

Year outlook…

I hope your break brought some fun, rest and vigour for you and your business in 2016.

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