What is the Cost and Lost Revenue from No Action?

What problems or difficulties are you experiencing right now?  What work or tenders are you not winning or sales not being generated?  What is the cost of not addressing the issue?

For example:  While customers appear enthused about your product or service offering however you are not winning the work or making the sale.  Prospects are at the top of the funnel but not dropping down.  Lost revenue!  Your sales or tender team are working hard – do you need that extra 2% outside perspective?

For example: Internal processes do not seem to be proactive and on point.  Things take too long to occur or resolve.  Customer discontent, lost revenue and flagging employee enthusiasm!  Sounds like process alignment might be required.

For example:  Are you trying to buy or sell a business and are struggling to find the time and people internally to get it done. Lost opportunity!  Perhaps a project based manager could work for you.